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I have an mvc3 application. it uploads image and resizes it. my upload folder, i need to make it writable. I try to do it from filezilla, set them to 777, it wont work.

I have root access to my windows server. I right click on the folder, choose property, then click on security tab. I see 4 groups there.

creator owner, system, admin, users. what should I do from there?

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This question is better suited for ServerFault, as it's not really a programming question. (It's a server configuration question.) Just FYI, though: Windows doesn't use chmod to set access rights, so 777 is meaningless, and doesn't have root access (it uses adminstrator and admin rights). It might be helpful when asking questions to use the proper terminology. :-) – Ken White Jun 5 '12 at 23:28
Find out what user your web application is running under by looking at it's Application Pool (if IIS) and add that user to the folder in question – dreza Jun 5 '12 at 23:50
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I had to do something similar, but I was using a folder as a temp location and not a permanent resting place for my images. For this I created a new folder inside of my app_data folder and did my file system manipulations in there.

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