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I have some entities that I wish to do an ancestor query on and filter a parameter by the ">" operator. The entity in question inherits another object(I don't think this should matter). Below are my entity classes:

public class ValidatedObject {

public Long timeCreated=System.currentTimeMillis();
public Long timeUpdated=System.currentTimeMillis();

public Long getTimeUpdated() {
    return timeUpdated;
public void setTimeUpdated(Long timeUpdated) {
    this.timeUpdated = timeUpdated;
public Boolean validated=false;
public String validatedID;
private Long validatedTime;
private String creatorID;

public Long getTimeCreated() {
    return timeCreated;
public void setTimeCreated(Long timeCreated) {
    this.timeCreated = timeCreated;
public boolean isValidated() {
    return validated;
public void setValidated(boolean validated) {
    this.validated = validated;
public String getValidatedID() {
    return validatedID;
public void setValidatedID(String validatedID) {
    this.validatedID = validatedID;
public Long getValidatedTime() {
    return validatedTime;
public void setValidatedTime(Long validatedTime) {
    this.validatedTime = validatedTime;
public String getCreatorID() {
    return creatorID;
public void setCreatorID(String creatorID) {
    this.creatorID = creatorID;


public class PersonnelInfo extends ValidatedObject{

  public String keyName; 

@Parent Key<Department> department;
private Long fdID;

private String userKeyName;

private String firstName;
private String lastName;
private String address,city,county,state;
private String cellPhone,homePhone,otherPhone;

public PersonnelInfo(){

public PersonnelInfo(String email){

public Long getTimeUpdated() {
    return timeUpdated;
public void setTimeUpdated(Long time) {


My query code is as follows:

Query<PersonnelInfo> q = ofy.query(PersonnelInfo.class).ancestor(tmp).filter("timeUpdated >",     lastSync);

I am getting the "no matching index found" error everytime. The query works fine without the filter. Some of the entities are missing the "timeUpdated" field because I changed the schema. There are some entities that have been created after the schema change with timeUpdated values and they are not returned. Also I can do a GQL query on the datastore viewer like this:

select * where FROM PersonnelInfo timeUpdated > 0

and I am returned entities, which makes me believe the index is created. What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated!

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You need a multi-property index defined in your datastore-indexes.xml. It should be added to datastore-indexes-auto.xml when you run the query in dev mode, but the result should look like this:

<datastore-index kind="PersonnelInfo" ancestor="true">
    <property name="timeUpdated" direction="asc"/>
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yup! stickfigure to the rescue again. Thanks man! My query was never ran in dev mode –  Patrick Jun 6 '12 at 20:46
Little confused on when you must create a multi-property index. For example if you do a query ofy().query(someclass).filter("time",time).filter("person",person); right? –  Patrick Jun 6 '12 at 20:57
There's a lot of discussion on this page: developers.google.com/appengine/docs/java/datastore/queries The upshot is that you need the index when you are using multiple properties (or prop + ancestor), except that the query engine is sometimes smart enough to optimize using single-property indexes. I believe two-property equality queries can be optimized. –  stickfigure Jun 7 '12 at 0:57

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