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Is there a way to change the order django evaluates a template filter ?

Say i have

{{ 3|add:5|multiply:"10" }}

Right now his adds 3+5 and multiplies the result times 10.

What i am looking for is a way of doing the following:

{{ 3|add:(5|multiply:"10") }}

As you can see i wrapped the 5|multiply:"10" in parenthesis to emphasize that it should be evaluated before the |add. Is this possible ?

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You have two possibilities:

You could change the order of filters/values:

{{ 5|multiply:10|add:3 }}

Or You could use {% with %}:

{% with temp=5|multiply:10 %}
    {{ 3|add:temp }}
{% endwith %}
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Wow, never considered changing the order myself. Thanks :) –  Paulo Jun 6 '12 at 4:35

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