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The Adobe IFilter doesn't provide a mechanism to supply a password to open a password-protected PDF file, so it cannot be used to open password-protected files.

I was wondering, is there a relatively straightforward way to programmatically retrieve the actual encrypted data inside the PDF file, decrypt it using a standard cryptography API, and then build a new PDF file with the decrypted data?

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To open a password protected PDF you will need to develop at least a PDF parser, decryptor and generator. I wouldn't recommend to do that, though. It's nowhere near an easy task to accomplish.

With help of a PDF library everything is much simpler. You might want to try Docotic.Pdf library for the task (disclaimer: I work for the vendor of the library).

Here is a sample for you task:

public static void unprotectPdf(string input, string output)
    bool passwordProtected = PdfDocument.IsPasswordProtected(input);
    if (passwordProtected)
        string password = null; // retrieve the password somehow

        using (PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument(input, password))
            // clear both passwords in order
            // to produce unprotected document
            doc.OwnerPassword = "";
            doc.UserPassword = "";

        // no decryption is required
        File.Copy(input, output, true);

Docotic.Pdf can also extract text (formatted or not) from PDFs. It might be useful for indexing (I guess it's what you are up to because you mentioned Adobe IFilter)

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If you use SpirePDF then you can get images of the pages out of an ecrypted PDF like this:

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using Spire.Pdf;
namespace PDFDecrypt
    class Decrypt
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //Create Document
            String encryptedPdf = @"D:\work\My Documents\Encryption.pdf";
            PdfDocument doc = new PdfDocument(encryptedPdf, "123456");

            //Extract Image
            Image image = doc.Pages[0].ImagesInfo[0].Image;


            image.Save("EmployeeInfo.png", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png);

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