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I'm trying to run a script on an input text box that populates a div. The snippet is like so:

<input type="text" id="control" value="" />
<div id="displaydiv"></div>
document.getElementById("control").onkeydown = function() {
document.getElementById("displaydiv").innerHTML = this.value;   

The problem here is that there is a lag of one character, i.e. if I type 'a', nothing shows up. When I type 'b', the previous 'a' shows up and so on. I tried replacing the onkeydown with onkeyup, and there is still a bit of a lag. How do I get the div to match the input text box in real time, without refreshing the page and/or losing focus on the input box?

Thanks for looking.

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"I tried replacing the onkeydown with onkeyup, and there is still a bit of a lag" - welcome to web programming. onKeyDown is as fast as you're going to get ... there is no "beforeTheUserPressesAKey" event. – machineghost Jun 6 '12 at 0:16
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That is because onkeydown triggers before the key has added its value to the input. Use onkeyup instead. It will work the way you are after.

Edit: Not sure if I missed the speed thing, if you edited your question, but the lag you are seeing is unavoidable. It is as close to "real-time" as you are going to get. It's really not even that bad, less than half a second when I check it in a fiddle

Edit2: Just to satisfy my curiosity, I checked the performance against KnockoutJS's databinding, with the one input updating a div text via knockout, and another div via your script. The performance is identical. I was actually a bit surprised knockout didn't introduce any noticable overhead. Here is the fiddle

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