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I have found some native C# libraries decoding MP3-s. I tried one and it did work fine on PC. But when I deployed it on my relatively new and powerful WinMo phone, it could not decode the mp3 files with the speed required for playing them. It was starving on CPU.

I expect that most of our recent phones contain HW accelerated MP3 decoding. Let me know if I am daydreaming. But if not, how can I utilize that feature on a Windows Mobile programatically?

If solutions are device specific/vendor dependent, I would be primarily interested in HTC phones.

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I've had success using mad mpeg decoder and fmod 3 You'll need to do p/invoke to use it from .NET though.

There's a support forums for fmod 3 @ You can also check out the code project article Simple MP3 Player for Pocket PC using FMOD

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