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Is it possible to put a HTML link in validation summary message? For example I want to put a link to another page in case there is validation error:

@Html.ValidationSummary(False, "read <a href=""anotherpage.html"">more</a>")


@Html.ValidationSummary(False, "read " &
    Html.ActionLink("more", "helpforerror").ToHtmlString)

But in the browser the tag is escaped so it doesn't form a link.

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No, the default behaviour doesn't allow it, but you can make your own. This is what you need: Html raw in validationsummary

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You can check if form is valid by jquery and update div with link text:

<div id="divToUpdate">


       $('#divToUpdate').html("read <a href='anotherpage.html'>more</a>"); 
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Finally I chose another way to do it: create a div containing the link etc. outside of validation summary, and add the div only if modelstate is not valid:

@If Not ViewData.ModelState.IsValid Then
    @<div>read <a href="anotherpage.html">more</a></div>
End If

This is inspired by an answer to similar question.

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I know you have accepted an answer, but i think my solution is more simple and will require less rewriting if you want to add links to existing validation summaries.

You need to put a {0} type format item in your validation message like below, which will be replaced by your link.

ModelState.AddModelError("", "Some error message with a link here {0}.");

then in your view call your validation summary like so:

@string.Format(Html.ValidationSummary().ToString(), Html.ActionLink("Click Here", "Action_To_Link_To")).ToHtmlString()

In this case i have used an extension method I added to the string object .ToHtmlString() that basically just converts the string to an HtmlString preventing any of the markup being escaped. it looks like this:

public static HtmlString ToHtmlString(this String str)
    return new HtmlString(str);
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Really nice solution, Ben! I ended up testing whether Html.ValidationSummary() == null first and using Html.Raw() on the output, but it works very well. Thanks! –  Peter Gluck Jan 10 '13 at 1:37
That's clever :) –  Endy Tjahjono Aug 27 '13 at 6:58

The validation text is encoded before the ValidationSumary or ValidationFor, etc...

you just need tu decode the html, then create an MvcHtmlString ...

Exemple :


this is an extension i have made to make MvcHtmlString :

namespace System
    public static class StringExtension
        public static System.Web.Mvc.MvcHtmlString ToMvcHtmlString(this string value)
        return System.Web.Mvc.MvcHtmlString.Create(value);

or you can create an HtmlHelper if you plan to reuse this:

namespace System.Web.Mvc.Html
    public static class FormHelper
        public static MvcHtmlString ValidationSummaryEx(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, bool excludePropertyErrors)
            var original = htmlHelper.ValidationSummary(excludePropertyErrors);
            var decoded = HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(original.ToString());
            return decoded.ToMvcHtmlString();

Hope it help you or future viewer. Note: it work for all validations Summary and ValidationFor ...

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