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I am a lecturer and am trying to build a mini grading spreadsheet that based on the points given to a student will calculate a percentage value describing their grade and I now want to assign the appropriate grade to a student's column in Sheet1 so that it reads


I have created a matrix of the range identifiers and the text value of the grade on Sheet2 which looks like this:

    A     B     C
1   A++   95    100
2   A+    90    94.5
3   A     85    89.5
4   A-    80    84.5
5   B+    75    79.5
6   B     70    74.5
7   B-    65    69.5
8   C+    60    64.5
9   C     55    59.5
10  C-    50    54.5
11  D      0    49.5

Column A holds the string describing the grade, Column B is the start of the range, Column C is the end of the range for a given grade.

On Sheet1 I run through all the basic calculations which returns me with a single percentage value to match against this matrix, let's call the field of this value Sheet1!A1 for now.

What I in essence want to do is loop through the rows 1-11 of Sheet2 and do this:

IF ( Sheet1!A1 >= Sheet2!B1 AND Sheet1!A1 <= Sheet2!C1 ) THEN RETURN Sheet2!A1

Can this be done? I've read through all the supporting documentation and have not been able to find a way to do this yet.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks for reading,


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Anand Varma just replied to the same question posted on the Google Forums with the solution so for completeness I will post his answer here as well.

The original answer on the Google Forums is here.

The solution was using the INDEX function with the MATCH function inside of it:

=INDEX( Sheet2!$A$1:Sheet2!$A$11, MATCH( C41, Sheet2!$C$1:Sheet2!$C$11, -1 ) )

C41 refers to the cell that holds the numerical source value to match against.

Thanks Anand.

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