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I am having two coordinate points on Google map.I calculated the distance between that points.But want to draw a stright line between them.Please help me to draw.

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There are lot of help in this question. stackoverflow.com/questions/10598322/… –  deamonsarea Jun 6 '12 at 5:58
I already saw this link.But my two points may change each time.So how to change it in route.csv? –  Madhumitha Jun 6 '12 at 6:05
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  • You have to use google direction api for that follow the Direction API Link .

  • Make request using NSURLConnection with direction api url and pass required addresses from it it and catch its response.

  • From that you will get json or xml formatted response, which contains paths in the form of polyline encoded string .

  • Then parse it and retrieve polyline encoded string.

  • You have to simply decode it it then you will get all points of your path and pass it to viewForOverlay method of MKMapViewDelegate which will draw the path.
  • For more information follow my question Stackoveflow question link .

If you have any more quires let me know. Hope this will help you....:)

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