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I am trying to make a Dynamic jqgrid which consists subgrid. So it means subgrid should load data from database according to main jqgrid.So i am not able to get the logic for loading subgrid dynamically according to main jqgrid. Here I am posting my code for my js file

var InstructorsTabSc = function() 
var that = {};
var _parent = null;
var _instructorDlgMgrC = null;  
var _view = null;
var _panel = null;
var _path = null;
var BEGIN = "BEGIN";
var READY = "READY";
var END = "END";
var _state = BEGIN;
var _transition = function(newState) {
    _state = newState;
    switch(_state) {
        case STARTING: _enterStarting(); break;
        case END: _enterEnd(); break;
that.create = function(parent, path, panel) {

    _parent = parent;
    _path = path;
    _panel = panel;
that.destroy = function() {

var _enterStarting = function() {

    var path = _path + '/InstructorsDlgMgrC';
    modelMgr.loadInclude( path + '/InstructorsDlgMgrC.js', function() {
        modelMgr.getHTML( _path + '/InstructorsTabSc.html', function(html) {

            _instructorDlgMgrC = InstructorsDlgMgrC();
            _instructorDlgMgrC.create(that, path);

            var req = {
                    programId :$('#programsList').val()
            var fnSuccess = function(res) {
                _view = InstructorsTabV();
                _view.create(that, _panel, html, res);
            serviceMgr.loadInstructor(req, fnSuccess, fnFailOrError, fnFailOrError);        
var _enterEnd = function() {

    if (_view != null) {
        _view = null;

    _path = null;
    _parent = null;
return that;    
var InstructorsTabV = function() 

var that = {};
var _sc = null; 
var _panel = null;      
that.create = function(sc, panel, html, res) {  
    _sc = sc;
    _panel = panel;
    that.layoutUi(html, res);

that.layoutUi = function(html, res) {

that.destroy = function() {
    _sc = null;

that.initInstructorGrid = function(data) {      

    var grid = $("#instructorGrid");
        data: data.instructors,
        datatype: "local",
        colNames:['Name','User ID', 'Is Active'],
            {name:'firstName',index:'id', key: true, width:300},
            {name:'email',index:'Sname', width:370, formatter:'email'},
            {name:'isActive',index:'name',width:170,align:'center',editable: true, formatter: 'checkbox',formatoptions:{disabled:false}}
        pgbuttons: false,
        pgtext: null,
        sortname: 'id',
        sortorder: 'asc',
        viewrecords: false,
        autowidth: true,
        height: "100%",
        subGrid: true,
        subGridOptions: { "plusicon" : "ui-icon-triangle-1-e",
                          "minusicon" :"ui-icon-triangle-1-s",
                          "openicon" : "ui-icon-arrowreturn-1-e",
                          "reloadOnExpand" : false,
                          "selectOnExpand" : true },
        subGridRowExpanded: function(subgrid_id, row_id) {
            var subgrid_table_id, pager_id; subgrid_table_id = subgrid_id+"_t";
            pager_id = "p_"+subgrid_table_id;
            $("#"+subgrid_id).html("<table id='"+subgrid_table_id+"' class='scroll'></table><div id='"+pager_id+"' class='scroll'></div>");

            data: data.subjects,
            datatype: "local",
            colNames: ['Subject','Is Active','Sessions'],
            colModel: [ {name:"subjectName",index:"num", key: true, width:270},
                        {name:"sessionCount",index:"item",width:160,align:'center',editable: true, formatter: 'checkbox',formatoptions:{disabled:false}},

            pager: false,
            pgbuttons: false,
            pgtext: null,
            sortname: 'num',
            sortorder: "asc",
            autowidth: true,
            height: '100%' });

            $("#gview_"+subgrid_table_id).attr("style","border-left:1px solid #666;");
            $("#"+"pg_"+pager_id +" table"+" tbody" +" tr").attr("style","background:#FFF");

return that;    

And here is code for servlet

public class GetInstructors extends JSONServlet {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

protected JsonResponse action(TransactionHandler th, JSONObject json)  throws JSONException, CustomExceptionInvalidInput, Exception {       

    int programId = json.getInt("programId");

    List<Map<String, String>> instructorList = new ArrayList<Map<String, String>>();
    List<Map<String, String>> subjectList = new ArrayList<Map<String, String>>();

    for(ProgramUsersDetailDao daoProgramUser : ProgramUsersDetailDao.getProgramUsersByRole(th, programId, ProgramRoles.Instructor)) {


        for(InstructorSubjectSessionsDao daoSubjectSessions : InstructorSubjectSessionsDao.getSubjectAndSessions(th, daoProgramUser.id))
    RESULT_OK.addDataParam("instructors", instructorList);
    RESULT_OK.addDataParam("subjects", subjectList);        
    return RESULT_OK;       

Please tell me how to load data in subgrid according to main grid dynamically according to database

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i got one idea, can i do this by comparing id in instructors with programUserid in subjects list ? –  Vikas Gupta Jun 6 '12 at 6:18

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If you need to load data in subgrid dynamically why you don't use subGridUrl? You can load JSON data from the server directly instead of usage datatype: "local".

In any way if you prefer to load all the data from the server as once you can place all data for all subgrids in the server response. It looks like serviceMgr.loadInstructor has fnSuccess callback which will be called at the end of data loading and the res parameter of fnSuccess get the data returned from the server.

Currently you use data.instructors in both grid and subgrid. You can format the data so that data.subgridData[rowid] will get you the subgrid data for the row with id attribute rowid. In the case you will need just replace the line

data: data.subjects,

in the subgrid to

data: data.subjects[row_id],
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thanks for reply, you got it exactly right about service manager thing. But u read it wrong i am using data.subjets for subgrid data. –  Vikas Gupta Jun 6 '12 at 9:01
And i want data of subgrid should be according to main grid. so i think there should be some loop, which will compare both id's and will provide me the content. But again that's what i think. If you have any better and optimize solution please share –  Vikas Gupta Jun 6 '12 at 9:02
@VikasGupta: Sorry, I wrote not quite correct, but what I wanted to say is that you use the same data data: data.subjects in all subgrids independent from the row in which it will be opened. Now about the "loop". I think you don't full understand how subgrid will be created. Only if the user click on "+" (expand) button in the row the next row with subgrid will be created. If you use default setting reloadOnExpand: true the row will be deleted if the user close the subgrid. Because grid will be created with collapsed subgrids no subgrids exists initially so no "loop" can be done. –  Oleg Jun 6 '12 at 9:23
@VikasGupta: Look at the demo from the answer to understand better what I mean with data: data.subjects[row_id]. Another answer have very close code too. –  Oleg Jun 6 '12 at 9:25
Sorry but i am new to jquery, so how can i get this rowID. And can i use it just like 'data:data.subjects[rowID]' ? –  Vikas Gupta Jun 6 '12 at 9:35

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