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When using the armcc4.1 to compiler my code, it reports following error:

"access/qnetworkrequest_p.h", line 94: Error: #2574: explicit specialization of class "QTypeInfo>" must precede its first use (at line 105 of "../../include/QtCore/../../src/corelib/tools/qlist.h") Q_DECLARE_TYPEINFO(QNetworkHeadersPrivate::RawHeaderPair, Q_MOVABLE_TYPE);

class QNetworkHeadersPrivate
    typedef QPair<QByteArray, QByteArray> RawHeaderPair;
    typedef QList<RawHeaderPair> RawHeadersList;

Q_DECLARE_TYPEINFO(QNetworkHeadersPrivate::RawHeaderPair, Q_MOVABLE_TYPE);

But, is there a way to disable or bypass this error?

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I would try to modify the inclusion order of the header files.

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Dont do list operations before not having the element type declared movable. Define any member function body that does so after the macro.

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Answer my question: finally it's fixed by removing the last line, it's because this declaration is redundant.

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