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I have built a Windows Phone Application using SQL Server CE database.

We need transplant this app to Windows 8 Metro Style.

Do Windows 8 Metro-style applications support SQL Server CE local databases?

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As already answered by ErikEJ, there is no native support for a local SQL Server CE database, but maybe this third party component SQLite is usefull for you?

Tim Heuer has wrote a blogpost about how to use SQLite in a metro style app:

In the blogpost there is also a video with the "How to" steps to use SQLite in your app.

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Is SQLite supported by the ARM version of Windows RT, I saw the downloads on the SQLite website but there were only a 64bit and 32bit versions for intel, not ARM. – Chris Bos Aug 2 '12 at 16:50
Don't know that, but I can imagine that they haven't had to chance to test/update it to work on ARM because there isn't an ARM Windows 8 version available. – ChristiaanV Aug 4 '12 at 6:31

No, currently Microsoft does not provide a local database for Metro applications with C# and XAML.

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Not only can you not connect to a local SQL database, you can't connect to a remote one either. Everything has to go through web services... or use SQLite.

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