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I am experiencing this behavior: I have a UIViewController UIView which I want to share between 2 or more UIViewControllers.

First I instance the shared UIViewController in AppDelegate with:

SharedViewController *sharedViewController = [[SharedViewController alloc] init];

Then, when I am instancing the new UIViewController I add the shared view controller view:

ViewController1 *viewController1 = [[ViewController1 alloc] init];

and inside it I add the shared view controller view:

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];

    [self.view addSubview:sharedViewController.view];

This works fine, as long as a second view controller - i.e. viewController2 - does the same thing, then viewController2 gets the view and viewController1 gets nothing!

I applied a workaround, placing this in viewWillAppear and it seems to work, but I am afraid I am adding the same view one onto another multiple times, isn't there a better way to do this?

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I don't think you need to worry about it. Each UIView can have only one superview. Once it is added to another superview, it will first be removed from its previous superview –  xingzhi.sg Jun 6 '12 at 7:56
I see, so it is well known? Only 1 UIViewController at a time for a UIView? –  Fabrizio Prosperi Jun 6 '12 at 16:18
Nothing related to UIViewController here. It's just a UIView and its superview –  xingzhi.sg Jun 7 '12 at 4:00
Good to know, thanks! –  Fabrizio Prosperi Jun 7 '12 at 7:38

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-(void)viewWillAppear {
    [self.view addSubview:sharedViewController.view];
-(void)viewWillDisappear {
    [sharedViewController.view removeFromSuperview];

This should work. But are you sure it has to be a shared UIViewController, if you only use the view? Why not just a shared UIView?

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I added the ViewController to handle autorotation without the mess of notifications as this is for the iPad. Thanks, your idea is good, but it is only improving my workaround, I am trying to understand why this is happening. –  Fabrizio Prosperi Jun 6 '12 at 8:11

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