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Using TinyScheme.

I'm writing my code to file (solved it in 50% here: how to write to file?) with:

(with-output-to-file "biophilia.c"
  (lambda ()
    (write code)
; and segmentation fault comes here

but it writes my code with "" qotes and \n\r as is so it doesn't translate it to newline.

I need to write code like it looks with (display code)

in example in racket docs there is printf but seems like TinyScheme implementation got no printf, maybe I need to discover (add code of it) printf?

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Why dont you just use display? Failing that, printf is a small piece of code. Example in TSPL3 IIRC. –  leppie Jun 6 '12 at 6:47
display displays, not to file. –  Heather Jun 6 '12 at 7:02
display should also write to the output-file. Like write does. –  leppie Jun 6 '12 at 7:26
but it doesn't I can't understand why it adds "Error: ( : 25) not enough arguments" –  Heather Jun 6 '12 at 7:38

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Found solution, the only fix is ex-hanged put-char to write-char

  (define assert
    (lambda (aa msg)
      (if (null? aa)
    (if (not (car aa))
      (error msg)
      (assert (cdr aa) msg))))) 

 (display "define fprintf\n\r")
(define (fprintf port f . args)
   (let ((len (string-length f)))
     (let loop ((i 0) (args args))
       (cond ((= i len) (assert (null? args)))
         ((and (char=? (string-ref f i) #\~)
           (< (+ i 1) len))
          (dispatch-format (string-ref f (+ i 1)) port (car args))
          (loop (+ i 2) (cdr args)))
          (write-char (string-ref f i) port)
          (loop (+ i 1) args))))))

(display "define printf\n\r")
(define (printf f . args)
   (let ((port (current-output-port)))
     (apply fprintf port f args)
     (flush-output-port port)))

    (display "writing to output file biophilia.c\n\r")
    (with-output-to-file "biophilia.c"
      (lambda ()
        (printf code)

code doesn't segfault anymore

but in the end of file: Error: ( : 25) not enough arguments

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