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Play/Forward video in 2x 3x 4x speed - iPhone SDK

I am currently working on a video based application. I'm using MPMoviePlayerController to play the video which i had recorded in my app. My question is what I have to do to play the video in slow forward and backward motion in MPMoviePlayerController?

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-(IBAction) playSlow:(UIButton *)sender{

    if (frameRate > 1) 
        frameRate -= 0.5;
        frameRate -= 0.25;

    if (frameRate < 0) {

    queuePlayer.rate = frameRate;

-(IBAction) playFast:(UIButton *)sender{

    if (frameRate < 1) 
        frameRate += 0.25;
        frameRate += 0.50;

    if(frameRate > 4)
        frameRate = 4;
    queuePlayer.rate = frameRate;
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it's ok for fast and slow action forward action.. But I need this for backward action too.. If someone having any ideas means please just sharre with me.. It'll be very useful for me.. Thank You.. –  Bowas Jun 7 '12 at 6:25
In that case,you can set the initial value frame as the total length of the video and in place of incrementing,you can decrement it to 0,hope it works. –  Dhruv Jun 7 '12 at 8:27
No not like that if we set that rate in negatively, its work good in backward, anyhow thank you dude.. –  Bowas Jun 7 '12 at 9:49

Refer the link here.It may help you.Also the apple documentation here provides you the complete reference about MPMoviePlayerController.

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