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I have built a calculator using FancyBox cash flow forecast (hit view forecast). Now I’ve made it I have hit a problem, how to print the contents of the Fancybox. Ideally I would just like the user to hit print in their browser and it prints the contents of the Fancybox. But I just can’t find or work out a solution.

Alternatively, giving the user the option to print when they are viewing the contents of the Fancybox via an icon would be great.

I have tried to set-up both options but failing miserably. Any ideas? Thank you

I have tried pure CSS. The best attempt was this:

    @media print {
body * {
display: none!important;
background: none!important;
body {
background: none!important;
#fancybox-wrap, #fancybox-wrap * {
display: block!important;
top: 0!important;
left: 0!important;
#fancybox-title, #fancybox-close {
display: none!important;

The problem is that the table layout doesn’t work.

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What have you tried –  Jashwant Jun 6 '12 at 8:28
I have tried pure CSS. I have amended the above with my best attempt. I managed to get the contents of the FancyBox but the table doesn’t show correctly. I have tried other “display” (block, inline, inline-block, table, inherit etc) –  Bocker Jun 6 '12 at 11:47

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This worked:

    @media print 
       body * { visibility: hidden; } 
       #fancybox-content * { visibility: visible; } 
       #fancybox-content {position:fixed; top: 5px; left: 5px; } 
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