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I have program written in C. It takes 2 arguments username/password and try to authenticate this user using PAM. It works fine when I'm root. When I'm 'normal' user, it works for this user, but not for another one. I think, it's due to using shadow passwords..

As service I'm using:

retval = pam_start("test", username, &local_conversation, &local_auth_handle);

I add this to the /etc/pam.d/test

auth    required    pam_unix.so shadow nullok
account required    pam_unix.so
session required    pam_unix.so

Could you help me, please? Thanks a lot!

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I found one solution: chmod 444 /etc/shadow.. but: is it safe?? –  Vladislav Krejcirik Jun 6 '12 at 9:08
The obvious answer to your question about safety is: NO! –  HonkyTonk Jun 7 '12 at 9:50
I resolved this issue. Check my site vkrejcirik.info/2012/06/09/… –  Vladislav Krejcirik Jun 14 '12 at 10:57
I imagine it's unsafe because PAM would allow unchecked brute-forcing of passwords. –  theY4Kman Aug 14 '13 at 15:36

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The application needed to be able to read /etc/shadow.

See my post for one way to do this.

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