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I am trying to create a game for iPhone, iPad and Android in unity3d. The camera is looking top down. I have created a plane with texture of the ground. Now I want to place the camera such that the game area acquires full screen on the iPhone. Say if the size of iphone screen is 320x480 how will I calculate where to place the camera and plane in Unity 3d environment.

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It sounds like you're trying to make a 2D game. You don't calculate it it that way. You have to use 2DToolkit, or, Unity's new 2D systems. This is also true if you're going for a "pixel perfect" look. –  Joe Blow Mar 1 '14 at 9:35

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After you have build your project to iPhone the aspect ratio drop down list of the game view control bar changes according to your build settings. If for instance iOS is set as target, you will find entries like iPhone Wide, iPhone Tall, ...

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