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How do I "translate" the following SQL statment for using sqliteDatabase.delete(...) -

DELETE FROM EVENTS_TB WHERE event_time < some_time

Where event_time and some_time are long and some_time is calculated time according to user's selection. Thanks, Eyal.

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You should use delete() method of SQLiteDatabase instance.

sq.delete("<tablename>", "event_time < ?", new String {String.valueOf(some_time)});

or cleaner is when you declared db columns like static final fields for example

static final String KEY_EVENT_TIME = "event_time";
static final String TABLE_NAME = "EVENTS_TB";

sq.delete(TABLE_NAME , KEY_EVENT_TIME + " < ?", new String {String.valueOf(some_time)});
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thanks It works.... –  eyal Jun 6 '12 at 11:52

Here they are. it will work

public void deleteAdById(int some_time) {
    final SQLiteDatabase db = getWritableDatabase();
    final String whereClause = event_time  + "<?";
    final String[] whereArgs = new String[] { String.valueOf(some_time) };
    db.delete(EVENTS_TB, whereClause, whereArgs);
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