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I am using the function vennDiagrams from the ChIPpeakAnno library and I get a strange error message...

venn=makeVennDiagram(RangedDataList (anna, Anna_TSS),NameOfPeaks = c("peaks","TSS"),maxgap = 100, totalTest = 1000)
Warning message:
In findOverlappingPeaks(Peaks[[1]], Peaks[[2]], NameOfPeaks1 = NameOfPeaks[1],  :
Please use select instead of multiple!

I guess the findOverlappingPeaks function is running in the background of the venndiagrams but how can I solve this problem?


Best regards Anna

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You can safely ignore the warning message. Alternatively, you can download the newest version. Also, you might be interested in reading this article (for setting an appropriate totalTest).

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