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Using the new built in testing for Active Record (set "Test" as the connection string) I've hit a problem performing an update.

The code I'm testing pulls an existing object out of the database, makes some changes to it, and then saves it.

public void SaveProduct(string productId) {

var dbProduct = Model.Generated.Product.SingleOrDefault(x => x.ProductID == productId);

dbProduct.Description = "Description";
dbProduct.Price = "Price";



To test this, I'm creating a new list of products, with one product in it.

_dbProducts = new List<Product>
                          new Product
                                  ProductID = "XXX0001"

Then I set up the test (fake).


call the save method


The problem is I'm getting the following error message...

System.NotImplementedException: The method or operation is not implemented. at SubSonic.Repository.TestRepository`1.Add(T item, IDataProvider provider) at Model.Generated.Product.Add(IDataProvider provider) in ActiveRecord.cs: line 708 at Model.Generated.Product.Save(IDataProvider provider) in ActiveRecord.cs: line 721 at Model.Generated.Product.Save() in ActiveRecord.cs: line 715 at Subsonic.PDAJobRepository.SaveProduct() in ProductRepository.cs: line 46 at Tests.ProductRepository.When_Saving_Product.Setup() in When_Saving_Product.cs: line 44

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Ick - can you log this issue for me:

That's an oversite.

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Issue created – Jon Hilton Jul 8 '09 at 7:57

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