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I have 2 tables:

Table workflow

Request_Id, Step ID
123, 4
123, 7
198, 5

Table Steps

Step_Id, Step_num
4, 30
7, 12
5, 172

I am trying to return all records in table Workflow, where Steps.step_num is the max for that record. My result should look like this:

Request_Id, Step_Id, Step_Num
123, 4, 30
198, 5, 172

I've tried this, but I don't get the right Step_ID:

select request_id, step_id,max(step_num) from
select ww.request_id as request_id, ww.step_id as step_id, st.step_num as step_num
from workflow ww
left join steps st on ww.step_id=st.step_id) as s
group by request_id

Please help, I am stuck :)

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Can there be several steps for a request with same step_num? If yes, which do you want to return? –  Quassnoi Jun 6 '12 at 8:39
could you show what's the result you actually get? –  Nadir Sampaoli Jun 6 '12 at 8:39

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FROM    (
        SELECT  DISTINCT request_id
        FROM    workflow
        ) wd
JOIN    steps s
ON      s.step_id =
        SELECT  si.step_id
        FROM    workflow wi
        JOIN    steps si
        ON      si.step_id = wi.step_id
        WHERE   wi.request_id = wd.request_id
        ORDER BY
                stem_num DESC
        LIMIT 1
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This is neat! Thank you so much! –  user1439201 Jun 6 '12 at 9:01

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