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Using KendoUi, I'd like to create a bar chart where the bars will deploy from the right to the left (with the vertical axis on the right side of the chart).

More prcisely I'd like to make a chart with a central axis and bars on each side, like this :

But I'll be able to join the two charts if I have a left-side bar chart and a regular (right-sided) one...

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can you post your script for charting –  Devjosh Jun 6 '12 at 8:41

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Could you please try to set reverse: true to the valueAxis of the Kendo UI Chart? For example:

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freddy, I searched through the docs for kendo ui chart and could not find any option to change the position of axis instead i will suggest you a custom javascript jquery solution. you can mirror the div containing chart.
here is a JSFIDDLE for that so that you can have an idea

this is just a suggestion but i hope it does not hurt and may help

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Thanks, I'll try this. But if any body has a solution (even by modifying some kendoui functions) to find this out with kendoui, it would be helpfull... (and sorry, I can't vote up for this post, I'm new here) –  user1439149 Jun 6 '12 at 10:03
it's ok buddy rather i would be glad if this piece of code helps you in anyway :) –  Devjosh Jun 6 '12 at 11:21

Well I've tried an other thing : while using stacked bars, I made a positive bar and a negative one : as stacked, they're on the same line so it's ok for what I want. But on the left side of the chart, values are printed negatives (because they are !!). Isn't it possible to print them all positive (like with an absolute value) ? I've tried to change the "format" in valueAxis but impossible to find this out. Thanks for your ideas or solutions !!

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