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I would like to express the following constraint in linear temporal logic.

If A happens, then B must happen directly before it.

I tried "B R !A" (!A remains true until B becomes true; B may never becomes true), but it is not correct as A may or may not happen after B happens.

Can any logic expert help me on this problem? Thank you very much!

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No need to know this now :) –  andrew Jun 15 '12 at 1:57

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Well, if X is read as next, i.e. Xp means in the next time step, p is the case, then Xp → q would be what you are looking for.

Or in your letters: XA → B

(X is sometimes replaced with an N or a circle, but is always present in LTL.)

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You need to use PT-LTL for this. Its past time LTL. The formula would be A -> X B, here X means previously.

You can use JavaMOP for implementation of PTLTL monitors.

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