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What is the Django way to copy and paste Queryset except iterating over records and cloning/saving? E.g. a set of records from table A needs to be selected, some field updated and records inserted back to the original table? A sample use case is adding subscribers from mailing list A to mailing list B. Should it be just a loop iterating over QuerySet and cloning/saving record by record, or there is some method for group operation?

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"is some method for group operation?" I don't think so. "Should it be just a loop iterating over QuerySet and cloning/saving record by record" that looks like 2 lines of code. –  jpic Jun 6 '12 at 9:28

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Django 1.4 has bulk_create method that does his job in 1 sql query

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It doesn't sound like you want to clone or copy these records - that's something you should avoid in a normalized database anyway.

If you just want to update a single field, then you can do that with the update queryset method:


If you're talking about adding them to a different M2M relationship, then you can do that simply:

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In Django 1.3 the solution is to iterate QuerySet and create copies like this:

from copy import deepcopy
old_obj = deepcopy(obj)
old_obj.id = None
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