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I am trying to display a text in Vertical manner from bottom to top way. I am using text element to render the text in SVG1.1.

One way is to use transform and rotate the text is there any better way to do that because I even tried doing writing-mode: tb or bt but in case of tb it is rendering properly from top to bottom but in case of bt it is not doing the same.

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There is no bottom-to-top text rendering in SVG 1.1 or in CSS3 Writing Modes, a reason why is cited in the abstract of CSS3 Writing modes.

As you suggested already the way to do this right now is with transforms. You may also use the glyph-orientation-* properties or the rotate attribute.

Note that I'm not sure how well the glyph-orientation properties are supported across browsers at this stage, and they're essentially being deprecated in CSS3 writing modes (replaced by new keywords/properties).

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