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I would like to use a URL generated with spring's <spring:url> in a <jsp:include> tag, but it is appending the context path twice. I am using Spring MVC 3.1.

<spring:url var="publicationUrl" value="/publications/{id}">
   <spring:param name="id" value="${}" />

<!-- publicationUrl = "/myApp/publications/1234" -->

<!-- Both methods fail because they are appending the -->
<!-- context again: "/myApp/myApp/publications/1234"  -->
<jsp:include page="${publicationUrl}" />    
<c:import url="${publicationUrl}" />
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I have found a way to prevent spring:url from prepending the context path. I have to add an empty context:

<spring:url var="publicationUrl" value="/publications/{id}" context="">
   <spring:param name="id" value="${}" />

This solution is not perfect as I have to create two different URLs: one for the links and another one for the includes.

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