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I am working for German E commerce website, i need to integrate 2 famous payment methods "giro-pay" and "sofortbanking" in WordPress- woo-commerce plugin.

I already asked this to support team of woo commerce but didn't get any reply. So my last hope SO. I know if I get API then may be I can integrate.

If anyone is aware with this problem then please let me know.

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Last hope sounds so close to end. You could well try with paid support I'd say. – hakre Jun 6 '12 at 13:08

Woothemes run in their own layer on top of wordpress, and all eCommerce themes run on top of that layer.

It is not hard to follow up a tutorial and implement it in wordpress, but you should really get an answer from WooThemes.

Those guys are great and I had no problems is any issue in the pass. Send them a direct email (use the panic button), or send them a tweet, they see them all.

And, as a paid customer you do get a better support as well.

or, if you really do not want that way, you can always search for existing wordpress plugins that have your providers, for example, MultiSafepay has one for Giro Pay.

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