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It would be great to have a supporting doc for the same.

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Any details here? How should it use cookies for auth? As far as I know - you could try to take a look at :rememberable strategy, but for what reason... –  ABrukish Jun 6 '12 at 11:28
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Not directly.

Devise is built on top of Warden, which uses the session. I don't see any easy way to use cookies for authentication (although you may use rememberable to keep it recorded between sessions). Sessions are enabled by cookies, so it uses the cookies indirectly.

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The Session does use a cookie by default. –  Pablo Marambio Nov 25 '13 at 16:16
Ok, I've changed to explain it better. –  Rodrigo Flores May 24 at 13:15
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I'm assuming the question can be restated as "Does Devise use a cookie to keep track of your session after authentication." If so, the answer is yes.

To test this, clear your cookies, log in and then check your cookies again. You'll see one for your website named after your app.

@Rodrigo, sessions are enabled by cookies. That's how the session can follow you through multiple pages. HTTP is inherently stateless. Cookies allow you to save state.

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