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I have an excel sheet that has names and extension numbers. The sheet is designed to be printed as a reference and so it has the data split into 3 columns like how a newspaper is laid out.

EXT Name EXT Name  EXT Name
1   bob  4   pete  8   sam
2   dave 5   sally 9   john

I need to have excel sort this data on name, A-Z. I can only work out how to make it sort one column at a time and so I end up having to manaually sort the data every time I add or remove information.

Can excel sort all 3 columns top to bottom and left to right?


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Maybe this KB artikel helps.

Or u can try using the small function like

Column A


Column C


In this case you clone the sorted dataset, which is in two columns The value for the B colums can be found using a vlookup. the value 0 and zero are an offset, so the length of the page is fixed

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Thanks for this, I ended up ditching Excel and creating a web app to do the work instead. I guess the lesson here is use the right tool for the job :) – Dean Ward Jun 13 '12 at 8:26

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