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I have a local hierarchy of folders, each folder have some HTML files. the "parent" files (the outer ones) contain links to the "child" files (in this case - a single level link - the parent links to its dirrect child) so the hierarchy is like some kind of a tree.

I want to add a link in the top of every page that will point to the parent page (the "inxed.html" file).

my code uses relative path (so there will be a possibility to move the folder and it will still work)



I want the possibility to have a link in the "folder1\folder2\p2.html" file that will to up the tree and will open the "index.html" page.

I preffer using HTML only (if pissible)

any idea?

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In relative paths, double dots refer to the parent directory so you can use a combination of double dots if you want to go further.

<a href="../../index.html">test</a> should work.

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