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I am trying to learn iPhone App Development using MonoDevelop and C#. I have created a sqlite database file userinfodb_v1.sqlite and placed it in a subfolder called Data in my project. Now I am trying to write the connection for the application to fetch data from the tables. I haven't got much clue as to how I should form the connection string as I have only about started. This is what I am doing:

string strconn=Path.Combine(Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal), "Data");
scon=new SqliteConnection(strconn);

However this is not working as the connection is failing. What should I do to establish a connection? Where is the error in my code? Can you help me correct it? Any help will be massively appreciated. What does Environment.SpecialFolder mean? Where should I keep the database file in order to access it properly?

Many Thanks in anticipation.

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When your application starts you need to copy the database file from the bundle to the Personal folder.

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