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I'm trying to user a DOM element that i am saving into a JS var:

lastCheckBoxChecked = this;

"this" represents a input/checkbox DOM element.

Now, trying to get if the checkbox is checked from the element with:

if(lastCheckBoxChecked.getAttribute('checked') == true)

doesn't work.
When I checked what does lastCheckBoxChecked holds, I found out that in IE9 it holds Object and when writing


I am getting the correct value but in firefox and chrome it holds
object HTMLInputElement and there is no functionality (getting undefined).

I don't know if this is the reason I am not getting anything, but this is my direction.

Does any one know any thing about this?

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Please, just use this:



if(lastCheckBoxChecked.getAttribute('checked') == true) 

getAttribute checks for the initial state of the checkbox, or if it was changed with getAttribute only. User operations have no effect on it.

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An attribute represents the value it had initially, and which does not change by user interactions. To get the current value, use its property:

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