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The external MSDN documentation page for types that have NO generic arguments can be accessed by using the following link format (e.g. System.IO.FileInfo):< ISO_LANGUAGE >/library/< FULL_TYPE_NAME >.aspx

But types, like generic List< T > are accessed via something that is similar to a hash:

How does Microsoft calculates that "hash" 6sh2ey19 or where is it stored?

Is there a solution for C#, e.g.?

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MSDN provides a set of web services that will let you determine the URL and even display the content if you so wish:

There is also a decent article from the MSDN magazine on how to consume the web services, which might be a good starting point:

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I created a console application to download the full list of BCL classes from MSDN ContentService suggested by John Koerner. The result is a CSV file with two columns (type name, content id) which can be used to create direct MSDN links.

CSV file for .NET Framework 4.5 can be downloaded here (~165 kbytes):

Here is a C# snippet how to load the CSV into IDictionary<string, string>:

Creating MSDN links using this dictionary:

var contentId = classes["System.IDisposable"]; // full type name
var msdnLink = string.Format("{0}.aspx", contentId);
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