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In shiro.ini I have:

# Change from FormAuthenticationFilter to VerboseFormAuthenticationFilter

How can I perform the above using Shiro Guice? I'm interested in the following line:

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public class YourShiroSecurityModule extends ShiroWebModule {
    private static final Key<VerboseFormAuthenticationFilter> VERBOSE_AUTH = Key.get(VerboseFormAuthenticationFilter.class);

    public YourShiroSecurityModule(ServletContext servletContext) {

    protected void configureShiroWeb() {
        addFilterChain("<path>", VERBOSE_AUTH);
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When I do the above code, the calls bindConstant().annotatedWith(Names.named("shiro.loginUrl").to("/login") does no longer work? As well as all the other variables from the FormAuthenticationFilter (logoutUrl, loginUrl, passwordParam, rememberMeParam, usernameParam). –  Basil Musa Jun 7 '12 at 11:17
Can you post some code snippet? I am having similar problems with the redirectUrl and am still waiting for a response from the Shiro mailing list... –  Thilo-Alexander Ginkel Jun 7 '12 at 20:59

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