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I have 2 tables, OrderTable & OrderDetailTable.

I am trying to select rows from OrderTable that don't have any rows in OrderDetailTable so we can Delete them.

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I assume you have an id relation between the 2 tables:

select * from OrderTable  
where orderdetails_id not in (select id from OrderDetailTable)

and to delete them

delete from OrderTable  
where orderdetails_id not in (select id from OrderDetailTable)
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FROM OrderTable o
LEFT JOIN OrderDetailTable od ON od.idOrderTable =
WHERE IS NULL; can be any field from OrderDetailTable that can't be null.

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Suppose that OrderTable has a column id, and OrderDetailTable has a column orderTable_id

select * from OrderTable
WHERE id not in (
 select from OrderTable ot inner join OrderDetailTable odt on odt.orderTable_id =
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