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I am trying to parse a html document. It contains a couple of tables. I am able to find the correct table and get data from it using

for cell in doc.xpath('//table[@class="CE_13"]')[0]:
    for a in cell:
        print a.text_content()

Table consists of 6 columns. I need only the fifth column. Is it possible to get all values in a dict (smth like: { column1 : values_of_clm1 ;column2 : values_of_clmn2; .....}) and how? and then read form dict or do you suggest a different solution?

Thank you

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This post could be useful for what you try to do: python, lxml and xpath - html table parsing.

Then to read your dictionnary you can choose different strategies. If you know exactly what are the keys then you can access you value directly through the key as such: my_dict['a_key_string']

Otherwise you can iterate over you dictionnary as such:

for key,val in my_dict.items():


Get all the 5th td elements:

tds = root.xpath("//table//td[position()=5]")

Iterate over the td element:

for td in tds:
    print "tag %s" % td.tag
    print "inner %s" % td.text

Basically you don't need a dictionnary here since you can get directly only the td elements that compose your 5th table column

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but how do I append cell values to dict. with my code I get values not separated (smth like cellValue1Cellvalue2Cellvalue3, etc.). I don't know how to split them and then put them to dict. Splitting them is the biggest problem. Values are of different length –  Yebach Jun 6 '12 at 12:40

I solved my problem by using the following code:

en_array = []
for cell in doc.xpath('//table[@class="CE_13"]')[0]:
    for a in cell:

print en_array
#Print the 6th column of table
for a,element in enumerate(en_array):
    if a % 9 == 5:
        print en_array[a]

If anybody has a better solution please let me know. thank you

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If you just need the list of cell contents you can use:

[c.text for c in doc.xpath('//table[@class="CE_13"][1]//tr/td[5]')]

if you really need arbitrary dictionary keys and use Python2.7:

l = doc.xpath('//table[@class="CE_13"][1]//tr/td[5]')
{'column%d' % (i+1): l[i].text for i in range(0,len(l))}
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