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How do I replace a 4 digit string with a given string using PHP

$original_string = "test343443test34demo55555"
$replace_string = "TEST"


$output = testTESTtest34demoTEST

How do I do this using PHP?

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$output = preg_replace('/\d{5,}/', $replace_string, $original_string);

This really is quite basic though; so you should look into reading PHP's documentation before asking further questions like this. Remember, Stack Overflow is not your personal research assistant and programming requires effort on your part.

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echo preg_replace("@\\d{5,}@", "TEST", "test343443test34demo55555");
//                       ^-------- note: no digits after comma
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Nice Its working:) –  Karthick V Jun 6 '12 at 12:33
$new_string = preg_replace("/(\d){5,}/","TEST",$original_string);
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