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I know how to create a new backbone model. But how I can create a backbone model with the data which is received from a web service?

For example, you are receiving a JSON data from a webservice. I want to use this JSON as backbone model. How I can do that?


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MyModel = Backbone.Model.extend({});

var data = { /* some data you got from the ajax call */};

var m = new MyModel(data);

Or if you don't need a specific type of model, you can just use a generic Backbone.Model

var data = { /* some data you got from the ajax call */};

var m = new Backbone.Model(data);
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It's not clear if you're trying to create a model definition or a model instance.
Either way, if your service is returning a json object, somehing like should work:

var data = {/*received data*/};

// for a new model definition
var newModelDefinition = Backbone.Model.extend(data);
// that you can instantiate later on:
var model1 = new newModelDefinition(),
    model2 = new newModelDefinition(someData);

// for a new model instance
var newModelInstance = new Backbone.Model(data);
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Oh. Its simple. Thanks. – jaks Jun 6 '12 at 12:33

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