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I'm having problems with a test. For some reason, that I haven't figured out, I can't access a n object's public property.

My class is the following:

public class FakeSMTPConnector : ISMTPConnector
    private bool _MailSent = false;
    public bool MailSent
        get { return _MailSent; }
        set { _MailSent = value; }

    private MailMessage _Message = null;
    public MailMessage Message
        get { return _Message; }
        set { _Message = value; }

    public FakeSMTPConnector()


    public void SendMail(MailMessage mail)
        _MailSent = true;
        _Message = mail;

I'm using this to simulate an SMTPConnection and send an email message. A class that handles email messages will then use this SMTPconnector to fake the delivery.

My test is as follows:

    public void EnviarMensagemContactoSentTest()
        FakeSMTPConnector connector = new FakeSMTPConnector();
        EmailManager manager = new EmailManager(connector);

        manager.SendMessage("a@a.com", "abc", "def", "ghi");

        Assert.IsNotNull(manager, "Manager instance not created");
        Assert.IsTrue(connector.MailSent, "Message not sent");

When Nunit attempts the last assert, that acesses the Message property, it fails with an exception that doesn't make much sense:

System.MissingMethodException : Method not found: 'System.Net.Mail.MailMessage Project.FakeSMTPConnector.get_Message()'.

Am I doing anything wrong? I'm getting started adding tests and doing some refoactoring on a project so alot of this is kinda new and might be that I'm making somee confusion onsomething real basic up in my head...


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have you tried a clean build? –  Daniel A. White Jun 6 '12 at 12:40
Can you add the namespace and the EmailManager class and the stack trace? –  eyossi Jun 6 '12 at 14:30
Agree with @DanielA.White to do a full rebuild. Also are you running through the NUnit test runner? If so have you made sure it is reloading your tests after you've built them? –  Peter Monks Jun 6 '12 at 15:34

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I know this is old, but I had the same issue. Cleaning Solution and then doing a Rebuild did not work for me.

Removing the offending dll from the GAC (C:\Windows\assembly) fixed it for me.

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Can you elaborate? Do you mean the re-build didn't remove the dll, and you had to manually remove it to re-build? –  BrDaHa Jun 6 '13 at 19:43

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