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I need to extract the top retweets for a given search tag.For that purpose ive done this

search = []
page = 1
    tweets = api.search(tag,page = page)
    for tweet in tweets:
    page = page + 1

and then from search using regular expressions I managed to extract the top retweets.

But the problem is the loop stops after 330 tweets,and the retweets are from those 330 only.

Is my approach correct,is there a way to scrape more of twitter or is there a more direct way of accessing retweets?

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someone please help!!! –  Manoj Jun 7 '12 at 16:23

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There seems to be a limit in the number of tweet you can get in an hour: 350 from what I understand from dev twitter.

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You are limited to 350 api calls per hour. My understanding is you can get up to 100 tweets per call.

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