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In my project i want to read data from several textfiles, therefore I have organized them into folders likte following:

  1. textfiles
    • folder1
      • subfolder1
        • file.txt
      • subfolder2
    • folder2
      • subfolder3

My problem is that I don´t know where to put my folder or how to referance my textfiles. I have read Where to put a textfile I want to use in eclipse? and have a setup looking like this:
Folder location:

FileInputStream fis= new FileInputStream("/textfiles/folder1/subfolder1/file.txt"); 

The result i get is a "FileNotFoundException"...

I have checked spelling, everything is lowercase and with no spaces. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help!

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Why the "android" tag? –  Rajesh Jun 6 '12 at 12:49

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First you have to make sure the folder testfiles is on your build path (Project->Properties->Java Build Path). Then you can get the inputstream for the file the following way:


See also: getResourceAsStream() vs FileInputStream

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Thanks for your help! –  Cardi Jun 6 '12 at 14:31

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