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Currently I am using sourcetree to manage my repo's. I've read about using different branches for 3 stages of website development. I've seen sites like and I am curious is there a "free" way to deploy/rollback and publish via sftp/shh to my web servers both staging and live production for each of my repo's. I need a way for junior level developers to easily be able to do it too, be great if there was a review process. If there is no free method, what;s the best paid method out there. I also use to store my repos. Thanks so much

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You could use a lightweight deployment tool such as Kwatee (self-promotion). Kwatee is free and can deploy any files via a web interface or python scripts (also ant/maven if you use java). All you'd have to do is to automate the check-out of your branch and then trigger the deploy command in kwatee which will use ssh/scp or telnet/ftp behind the scenes to update your deployment (only changes will be deployed).

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