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I want to dynamically change any instances where 'form.submit();' appears in onchange functions for certain select elements to $('form').submit(); so that the submit event is triggered for the form itself.

Here's an example of such a select list where the onchange function needs to be updated:

<td class="form-field selectinput" align="left" valign="left" style="width: 90px;" title="Select status type">
        <select class="filterlist" name="cStatus" tabindex="5" style="width: 90px;" onchange="form.submit();">
          <option value="" title="[All]">[All]</option>
          <option value="A" title="Authorised">Authorised</option>
          <option value="C" selected="" title="Cancelled">Cancelled</option>
          <option value="U" title="Declined">Declined</option>
          <option value="R" title="Requested">Requested</option>
          <option value="T" title="Taken">Taken</option>
          <option value="W" title="Withdrawn">Withdrawn</option>

I insert the following in the header section of the page to try and update the function :

$(function() {
   $('select').each(function() {
     var txt = this.onchange ;
     var patt=/form.submit()/g;
     var result=patt.test(txt);
     if (result) {
        var txt =  txt.replace('form.submit()',""); 
        this.onchange = eval(txt);


The alert message comes up with:

function onchange(event) { form.submit(); } Blockquote

and then the console log shows the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object function onchange(event) { form.submit(); } has no method 'replace'

I can actually get it to work with the following:

 this.onchange = function() { $('form').submit(); }

But there are some instances where the onchange has other code along with the form.submit(); such as:


so i don't want to replace the whole function itself, but to cut out the 'form.submit();' and replace it with '$('form').submit();', so the above would then appear as:


i've tried using toString() and eval() in various places but anytime i try to edit the string txt, i keep getting the object has no method error.

Any ideas??

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For better and quicker answers, you should add a tag corresponding to the language you are using (Javascript?) by clicking on the edit link below your question. –  assylias Jun 6 '12 at 13:31
onchange isn't a string; it's a function, which is why you're getting the "...has no method 'replace'" error. It's coerced into a string when you use the alert. –  Steve Jun 6 '12 at 13:32
steve, is there a way that the function can be manipulated as a string? can it be coerced into a string other than using alert ?? –  Owen Fitzgerald Jun 6 '12 at 13:41

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Instead of doing your funky eval and replace just try this:

     if (result) {
        this.onchange = function(){}; //empty function
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thanks for the post, but i've updated the issue a bit more regarding the goal of preserving the code that appears alongside the form.submit() so if i use the above, i lose the other code. –  Owen Fitzgerald Jun 6 '12 at 13:52

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