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if( ev.type == ALLEGRO_EVENT_TIMER)

This is the statement in the event loop to check if the incoming event is a timer event.

But all timers would generate this same event, so how do you have multiple timers going at once? How do you differentiate them?

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The event is a union. See all the properties here.

You want ev.timer.source (or ev.any.source).

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Here's a working example, Assuming you have two ALLEGRO_TIMERs(timer_one, timer_two) :

To respond to each timer:

if(ev.timer.source == timer_one) { //Timer one listener

if(ev.timer.source == timer_two) { //Timer two listener
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I was having an issue with this for the longest time and I found out I just forgot to include al_start_timer(alTimer); in my update. Stupid mistake but it could cost you some time if you forget it.

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