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I'm trying to open a details popup to show more details about a record in a kendoUI grid.

I've seen this sample:

But instead of a grid, i'd like to open a popup passing the ID of the selected record.

How can I do this?

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Pretty straightforward. Subscribe to the onChange event and alert the selected id. I assume you mean the attribute id. :

function onChange(arg) {
    var selected = $.map(, function(item) {
                        return $(item).attr("id");


$(document).ready(function() {
                        dataSource: {
                            data: createRandomData(50),
                            pageSize: 5
                        change: onChange,
                        columns: [
                                field: "FirstName",
                                title: "First Name"
                                field: "LastName",
                                title: "Last Name"
                                field: "Age"
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Have you seen the custom popup example?

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The Kendo Grid has its own popup edit form that takes care of that and can also be customized with a template.

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