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I'm finding a way to check when a playlist is removed inside a Spotify app. In the current API Docs, there's no REMOVE event, so suppose to have this use case

  • The user add a playlist from a list of tracks in the app
  • The app stores somewhere the playlist's name (localStorage by example)
  • The user remove the app from the Spotify SideBar
  • The user goes back to the app, and try to add the playlist again from the same list of tracks;
  • Since there's no REMOVE event binded to the playlist, the app can't know if the playlist was removed, so

    • If it checks the playlist in the localStorage, now new playlist will be added (bug);
    • If no further check is done, the same playlist will be added twice;

Any way to handle this ?

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You are correct that there is no REMOVE event. There is still however the property called subscribed that will tell you if a playlist is subscribed or not.


If you check that just before rendering and/or when you are about to add a playlist, you could make a UI that will show you if a playlist has been added or not and also make sure you don't add it twice.

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Thanks a lot, this could be the right solution! –  loretoparisi Jun 26 '12 at 10:23

There is a playlist removed event you can subscribe to in the windows/mobile API. Check out this link for more details:


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Thanks, Sorry for the confusion, this is related to the Spotify JavaScript SDK. –  loretoparisi Jun 26 '12 at 10:23

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