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Can anyone recommend a Java Graph Visualisation library in which graph nodes can be rendered with multiple connect points?

For example, supposing a graph node represents a processor that takes input from two sources and produces output. This would be visualised as 3 vertices. However, clearly each vertex has a defined role in the workflow and therefore ideally my node would appear with 3 distinct connection points that the user could attach vertices to.

I've taken a look at JUNG but I don't think it will suit my needs.

Any recommendations welcome; either on specific libraries or alternative approaches I can take.

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You could try JGraph's java library


It has a good amount of functionality and I have used it with success before. The only thing is that the documentation is a bit lacking, but if you read through some examples and code its pretty good when you get the hang of it.

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Take a look at JGraph (http://www.jgraph.com/). I used jgraph- for a similar project before. Here are the graphs that I made for another project: https://github.com/eamocanu/spellcheck.graph/tree/master/graph%20photos

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