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At the moment my website has its own comments in articles. I decided to merge it with FB comments but of course I don´t want to lose my old comments.

  1. Is there a way to merge my old comments with those in FB social plugin? That means: can I somehow insert my old comments in FB Comments plugin?

  2. In general, how would you solve this problem? What way of integration would you choose?

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There is no way to merge your old site's comments with the Facebook social plugin. The social plugin requires that the commenter's Facebook account be linked to the comment, avatar, name, and all. A non-Facebook comment system, like Wordpress's native system, or what have you, can generally either post a guest comment, or rely on the user's (e.g.) Wordpress account to post comments.

The only solution I see which would preserve the old comments while allowing users to post via Facebook would be to lock all non-Facebook comment threads on your site, and not include the non-Facebook comment plugin in future posts.

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