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I used the above function to play a mp3 file. Now I want to play the mp3 file from the middle (i.e) if the file is 5:32 minutes long I want to play it from 2:00 minutes. Can any help me how to do it?

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Something like this perhaps:

long millisecs = 120000;
long status = mciSendString(String.Format("seek MediaFile to {0}", millisecs), null, 0, IntPtr.Zero);

To determine the length of the file, see this post

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Use NAudio.

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WMPLib is great for it, just do a

Player.controls.currentPosition = (time in seconds);

Unfortunately, I'm not able to get the current position from the same property; so, for now, I'm not able to resume a playback from the time it was paused:

Pausing and resuming mp3 with WMPLib and C#

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